Mehdi’s East London

Mehdi Lacoste has been a long time friend of ours at Other, always in the know about every gallery opening, every record launch and any other event you might want to find yourself at, we thought he’d be a good person to show us around…

Hailing from the coastal town of Biarritz, deep in the heart of Basque Country, he found himself in London 7 years ago. As well as being the best footballer we know (his Nike 1948 team winning a match the evening prior to this shoot) he’s also an accomplished photographer, enthusiastic eater and works for fellow London based menswear brand, Folk.

We asked to spend a day with Mehdi, getting to know his favourite spots in his local East London. In the process, we found our new favourite furniture store, nearly got mugged, ate our own body weight in Turkish food, and drank one too many frozen Margheritas…

Chase & Sorensen

“This is owned by my friend Brent and his wife, tucked away on Dalston lane past Hackney Central Station. They sell beautiful vintage Danish furniture that they source themselves, directly from Denmark. There’s also a nice little coffee shop at the front where they sell Danish sweets. It feels like you’re having your coffee in the most amazingly furnished living room, that changes every time you go.”

Mehdi wears Jacket by Christophe Lemaire and shirt by Our Legacy

Dalston Roof Park

“The roof park’s amazing in the summer, they mix a great drink and it’s the best view you’ll find in the area.”

Mehdi wears coat by Stephan Schneider


The Hemmingway

“Real nice pub just tucked away from Victoria Park Village it’s right near my house too, so it’s a nice little bike ride. It’s got a good beer garden and even better beer. It has really great taxidermy too and the food is amazing.”

Mehdi wears knitted sweater by Our Legacy

Kuzu Shish, Grill & Meze - 269 Well St. Hackney E9 6RG

“This is the best Turkish Ive found in the 7 years I’ve been living in London… and I’ve eaten in most of them by now I think! It’s run by the funniest guys, a really small, modest and totally unpretentious place. Food is brilliant, portions are big and the salads are amazing, especially the baked onions, drowned in pomegranate sauce! And it’s literally next to my house.”

Mehdi wears shirt by Our Legacy

“Pop up American style fast food on top of Birthdays, run by Jackson Boxer, Gab Real Gold and Missy Flynn. Best CRISPY chicken bun in the world, and amazing frozen margaritas. What more could you ask for?”

Mehdi wears jacket by Our Legacy and tee by Christophe Lemaire

Mehdi Lacoste


Title Image, Mehdi wears shirt by Christophe Lemaire