The mighty Mr Larry Clark will be screening his new film ‘Marfa Girl’ this evening via his website 

“I will put the film on my first and only website,, which is the only
place one will ever be able to see the film…. It will stream for $5.99 for access to the
film for 24 hours…. This is the future and the future is now…. Most and very soon
almost all the small theaters that show Indie and Art films will be gone….

Everyday another goes out of business because everything is digital now and it is
quite expensive for the wonderful old smaller theaters to bear the cost of switching to
digital…. Anyway I think I am one of the very first directors to release a new film this
way, on a website who’s only purpose is to show his new films…. I think this could be
very successful and it also cuts out the crooked Hollywood distributors.”

Larry Clark