Trine Lindegaard SS13

Hailing from Odense in Denmark, Trine Lindegaard studied industrial pattern cutting and manufacturing at Istituto Carlo Secoli in Milan. She then she went on to study at Middlesex University in London and finally finished her studies at the Royal College of Art where she graduated with an MA in menswear in 2010. Lindegaard’s graduate collection received international praise and coverage, and the designer was labeled as one to watch by

Lindegaard’s clothes are colourful with a light-hearted and playful approach to menswear. She uses bold embellishment and innovative textile techniques in her collections, as well as playing with shapes and silhouettes.

Another exclusive for OTHER/shop - we’re very excited to welcome her to the family with her stunning SS13 collection.

 The fabrics for the SS 13 collection are based on the traditional Kente textile techniques from the Akan tribes in West Africa; the Kente has a distinctive identity, which comes not only from its rich quality, pattern and colour, but also its cultural and historical significance. Trine and her team worked closely with Ghanaian fabric weavers on developing the colours and patterns for this collection. The materials are entirely handmade in Accra by a small family run business. The Kwevi family, who have been weaving these fabrics since 1968.

Trine Lindegaard is supporting the Ghanaian’s fading trade and traditional textile craft with this project.