Catching up with Our Legacy

In the first set of our designer catch up series we met up with Our Legacy creative director, Christopher Nying to chat about the new Spring Summer 2014 images, shot by Ola Rinal…

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1. The title of this season’s collection is ‘radiant flux’, can you explain the meaning behind the reference -

we looked at the idea of “overexposing” the clothes. This inspiration was taken from photography/polaroids that were not correctly developed, and I wanted to adapt this feeling into garments, so we faded indigos almost into white, tie-dyed nylons and used the idea that the garment almost looks fragile, or ‘wrongly developed’. Together with this part of the collection, we also started to make protective garments for contrast, or at least, garments with the look of protective clothing, in order to attain the idea of a chemical laboratory, where some garments feel like liquids or ingredients or powder, and where some garments feel protective.

2. Our Legacy look books are often collaborations with art photographers, is the process of working with a creative outside the fashion world important to your vision for the brand - 

Yes, right now it has been important for the brand to get different energy and perspective to what we do with the clothing. We would love to do this more but as always the time is short in fashion. Another interesting collaboration was with Akane Moriyama (Fabric Artist) that made an installation for our stores, intrepeted Radiant Flux into space and envoirment.

3. Is the collaborator involved at the conception of the collection or once the collection is produced - 

Normally it starts for him/her when a collection is produced / sampled - but it would be highly interesting to start a concept with a collaborator, from ground concept.

4. This season you have chose to work with Ola Rindal, what is it about his work you are drawn to -

Ola Rindal balances sharp photography together with diffuse photo which makes him very versatile. He is spontaneous and many of his images “questions” more than they tell.

5. OTHER/shop are big fans of the aesthetic direction of Our Legacy imagery, the suggestion of clothes in the images rather than conventional look books is far more interesting, is this a conscious decision - 

Yes, since we don´t do catwalk shows, it was an early decision to communicate in a different way. Having Photography books in mind,  we early beleaved that this will balance our product and expression in the best way. We think there is an energy there that matches what we do.

6. When working with a collaborator are they given creative freedom or is the art direction still initiated by you - 

Its different from time to time. But while shooting we need to trust the photographer, even if he got some kind of brief before, we normally want to leave him/her to get another expression/expectation and that he/she feels free to explore. One of the first we did, with Vivianne Sassen (SOL&LUNA), was completely her direction. We sent her clothes and she played around in her way - then we produced the book editing her images with our clothes.

7. In this season’s look book you chose to work with only 1 model is the character presented within the images important, is this your perception of the Our Legacy man - 

It´s complex when it comes to models or “the face”, since we normally don´t work after a certain style. We focus on the product, colors, treatments, material first, and try to get a product concept. Since we never was very interested in “Iconic Style” - there is no certain face for Our Legacy. Ofcorse we like Axel (ss14) Nash and Tobias (aw14) - because they have character, so we try to look at character rather than a “pretty” face.

8. In our experience the Our Legacy man is not typical fashion consumer but someone who understands considered, timeless dressing, what is it that drew you to creating, what we perceive as , non fashion collections  -

We like the idea of creating something that appeals both aware customer and less aware customers - to create dimensions - clothing that can be seen in different contexts or envoirments. We would like to call it non-segregated style - where you present simple garments as a greymelange sweatshirt (the first piece we ever did) - to get different meanings, not only one occasion. We think its important to leave the freedom of choice - we do not try to choose for you.


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