Saskia Pomeroy & OTHER/shop

This August 2014, OTHER/shop work with multi-disciplinary artist, Saskia Pomeroy, to produce an exclusive installation of ceramic designs and artwork.

Continuing our mission to showcase and nurture new design talent, We are expanding our lifestyle offering with an exclusive commission of ceramics from London based multi-disciplinary artist, Saskia Pomeroy. To celebrate the launch, we’ll be curating a dedicated installation featuring her ceramic designs, artwork and a limited edition t-shirt range featuring select Saskia Pomeroy prints.

Saskia Pomeroy is an artist who works over a variety of mediums, from print to ceramics and textiles. Her work discusses relationships between shapes and colours within abstract compositions, how shapes can dance around each other, or how colours come together to create a mood or harmony. Texture and pattern also play an important role in Saskia’s, work creating contrast and depth or sometimes movement within each artwork.

For the OTHER/shop installation Saskia has produced a ceramic collection named ‘The Abstract Vase’, creating several large ceramic vases exploring interlocking prism forms. In turn she has used the forms as a canvas upon which to explore glaze colour and texture as compositions.