Korean designer Rejina Pyo graduated from St Martins in 2011 rapidly gaining a loyal following of fans since.

Looking to found photography for this seasons inspiration and referencing the artists studio she’s wowed us all once more with an intellectual and extremely wearable offering for AW14.

We caught up with the lovely Miss Pyo to find out a little more about this seasons must have collection….


OTHER : We know that your Mother was a designer and you have said it felt like a natural thing to do  - but was there ever anything else you wanted to do?

REJINA PYO : When I was young I always wanted to be a fashion designer. When I think about it, a film director or artist would also have been great. I would like to make something that provokes people’s emotion.

When you design, are you designing for a particular woman? If you could make them a character who would they be?

I don’t have a particular woman or muse. But I have a clear vision of the woman that I am designing for; they make decisions for themselves, and are a master of their craft. She is quietly confident, intelligent, doesn’t care what other people think of her and is naturally elegant.

Is there anyone you would like to design for? Be it another designer or a person to dress

I have always admired the personal style of Kate Bosworth and Kiera Knightley. Even on their ‘off days’ they still carry an effortless style that whispers, not yells, how naturally stylish they are. Sarah Harris, Style Director or Vogue UK has the ability to mix classic pieces with modern androgyny. I also love stylist Kate Foley’s style she is so playful with the way she dresses but never to over the top, you can tell she dresses for the way she feels and not what is dictated as ’trendy’.

After graduating you have worked with Christopher Raeburn, has that experience changed the way you work?

It’s good to learn how other people work but the more you work, the more you end up doing things in your own way as everyone is different

The parallelogram runs through your AW collection, what inspired that choice?

When I came across the 1950′s picture by Roger Mayne ‘Girl dancing on the street‘, I loved how she seemed so carefree, dancing alone and not caring about what others thought. The parallelogram motif on her t-shirt became a recurring graphic element in the collection. Simplicity, abstract shapes, proportion, materials and colours are what I love most and am constantly inspired by.

After graduating from the MA at CSM, you now find yourself teaching there, what was it like going in from the other side?

I can really appreciate how privileged I was and the students are. It’s all about the creativity not the business. The fact that I was at the same stage as them a couple of years ago really helps me to advise them. I end up saying the same thing that I used to hear from my tutor, which of course “we never fully understand as students!”

How would you summarize your style?

Classical with twist, timeless, effortless.


It appears you are a very busy woman, when you have time to breath where do you like to take yourself?

There are so many places on my list. At the moment, I dream of road trip in America, amazing nature in Iceland or Norway!

Hopes for the future?

I would like to live a life without regrets, I would like to do what I do, do it well and feed my happiness.

What is your favourite plant?